Filling O2 Arena Not Yardstick For Artiste’s Success —Rocky Dawuni

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Rocky Dawuni, a three-time Grammy Award nominee, has defended his colleagues, stating that he does not consider filling the O2 Arena in London to be a benchmark for measuring an artist’s success.

His remarks follow the Nigerian artist Asake’s capacity-filling performance at the O2 Arena, which sparked discussions over why Ghanaian singers weren’t able to accomplish the same.

Rocky Dawuni told Graphic Showbiz that no one should think Ghanaian artists aren’t doing well because they don’t fill the O2 Arena.

“We are doing so well as musicians in other areas and I don’t think it is right to use O2 Arena which is in just one country to judge how good our musicians are.

“It is not even proper to compare our musicians to our Nigerians brothers because we are unique in our own way. Nigerians have the support and the investment and if we get same, filling that place will not be a big deal”, he said.


Rocky Dawuni claims that Ghanaian musicians are succeeding so well abroad and have performed on some of the greatest venues in the globe.

“I can tell you for a fact that our music is the best. It is rich. We should build on our strength. We should focus on building our music industry and make sure our artistes who play on such big platforms project the positive image of our country. I don’t think filling the O2 is something we should worry our head about”, he added

He goes on to explain that a Ghanaian musician can fill the O2 “because we have the quality of musicians who can do that so I don’t want us to spend time on this. We have so much to talk about with our music than filling a place which is a venue in one country,” he said.

Rocky Dawuni is a three-time Grammy Award nominee who has worked in the music industry for almost two decades. His album ‘Branches of the Same Tree’ was nominated for Best Reggae Album at the 58th Annual Grammy Awards in December 2015, making him the first nomination from Ghana.

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