For Disclosing Their Discussions, IK Ogbonna Criticizes Alex Ekubo.

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In a similar vein, Alex Ekubo criticized IK Ogbonna for allegedly leading a false lifestyle and losing his visa.

IK couldn’t accompany him, so Alex Ekubo uploaded a photo of himself in Canada while explaining the situation.

He claimed that his friend’s application for a Canadian visa was knocked down because he showed up for interviews with several people.

Ikechukwu (IK) Ogbonna, a Nollywood actor, has criticized his friend Alex Ekubo for posting their conversations on social media.

Alex posted the conversations online to inquire about IK’s elementary school transcript after the latter spelled a word incorrectly.

For Disclosing Their Discussions, IK Ogbonna Criticizes Alex Ekubo.

A few of the conversations between him and IK Ogbonna, which began with a football comment and progressed to their usual banter, were shared by Alex Ekubo.

Specifically, he said, “Pls I need 5 people to confirm they attended primary school with @ikogbonna because I don’t understand the immigrant spelling.”

Alex Ekubo had been his worst friend ever, IK Ogbonna retorted with a chuckle. “You are the worst buddy I have had in a very long time”, he wrote. mental ewu stupid.


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