For Dragging Tonto Dikeh, Kemi Olunoyo Has Been Criticized.

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In light of recent events, Internet users have criticized investigative journalist Kemi Olunloyo for continuing to single out Tonto Dikeh.

The journalist claimed Tonto is a mentally impaired add!ct with impaired cognition and decision-making in a later post.

Following Tonto Dikeh’s post congratulating her ex-husband Churchill’s daughter, Kemi Olunloyo continued to disparage Tonto by asserting that the photo was fake and that Tonto is an unreliable source of information.

The governorship election has been pushed back, she wrote in a lengthy message to Tonto. Please show up for the drug test you promised to take, please.

You must QUIT SMOKING CRACK COCAINE RIGHT AWAY! The brain is being rewired, which has an impact on judgment.

Tonto, you claim to have quit smoking, but when you arrived at an office building, a crack pipe unintentionally fell out of your bag.

You are being destroyed by it, and it is embarrassing. The team at @drugabuseafrica is here to help you get HELP! After misleading your fans, you kept King Andre away from his father, and I posted the court order.

For Dragging Tonto Dikeh, Kemi Olunoyo Has Been Criticized.

Stop using drugs; you need to be sober. When you arrive, you will provide a urine sample rather than the previous time when you used your former nanny’s urine.

However, followers have voiced their disapproval of the most recent post and have urged Kemi to stop looking into Tonto Dikeh in a biased manner and concentrate on her own business.

Please leave Tonto alone and concentrate on your business, a different user wrote.

I don’t understand why you won’t let Tonto take a nap. This is irritating. A user wrote.

You own DrugAbuseAfrica, but Kemi, you haven’t done anything to help yourself, a user wrote.

So she should go to your hospital so you can get the results. Choose a different hospital than your own; you are obviously ill because reading through all of your writings reveals how evil you are. Another user wrote.



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