‘For saying education is better than money in primary school, please forgive me’ – Eka Duke


Nollywood actress Eka Duke begged her followers on social media to pardon her for saying during a debate in school that education is superior to money.


She wrote, “I remember in school debate when I supported the motion that ‘education is better than money’. Money, please forgive me. I was a child. Please forgive me oooooooo, I was only but a child.. I was naïve no proper orientation.. I have taken a new Live Money. I change my motion, my Locomotive Force is attracted to only you now. Hope I have been able to convince you, not to confuse you, Dear MONEY.”


Recall that Eka Duke spoke about the strange things she had done for the person she loved in a recent interview with Saturday Sun.

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The script interpreter from Cross River State who is known as Nollywood’s Naughty Princess remarked, “I know that I am very naughty girl and my boyfriend totally understands my kind of career and how naughty I could be. He knows that I have to be entertaining in any kind of way. I do a lot of dancing online, I feel its crazy sometimes. But in all, they are all acting and he understands. I have done a lot of crazy things for love too. The one that still rings in my memory was the day I trekked alone at midnight to go help an ex who was stranded on the road.”

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I have done crazy things for love but I'll choose money over love - Actress Eka Duke


The Microbiology Graduate responded, “Omo money certainly oh, but love can come later,” when asked which comes first for her among sex, love, and money. I’m aware that money won’t keep me warm on chilly nights or rainy days, but believe me when I say that the pursuit is real and that every man loves a woman who is independent of him. I value love, but don’t get it twisted; it’s not all about the money.


Eka Duke stated that she is still excited about getting cosmetic surgery to improve her appearance.


“I will definitely have a liposuction done but that will be after child birth. For now, let me continue to maintain my body with exercise and dieting,” she hinted.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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