Former Football Star Ricardo Mendes Set To Release Single From Debut EP

While many football fans will easily recognize on the football pitch, dribbling a ball while also showing off his football skills, the former football star shares that making music is actually his first love.

It is from this well-established love affair that he will be debuting his launch single that comes off his launch six-track EPI Am Ricardo Mendes, in August.

The single Sizobona assures fans a lot of entertainment and maturity of him behind the mic.

“You know when you wait for something your whole life, wondering when you will finally be awarded the opportunity to live your truth. This is it. Where I get to live it, my dream, and it feels like home,” he said.

Born in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, to a musical family, Mendes said he unmindfully started potter around in music at the age of five years old when his father would exhibit him on stage and encourage him to pursue performance.

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And although those points in time meant nothing, apart from attaching to his father, he was just having fun.

“I had no idea what was happening. I guess my father noticed my talent early on and pushed my way before I even understood what was happening. All I remember was standing in front of a TV, watching people perform and I was always fascinated by it.

“My all-time favorite artist is Michael Jackson and he was someone that I would imitate. There was a point in my life when my father would push me to rehearse every MJ move and song and make me perform it. What seemed like imitating the legend was actually me rehearsing, without knowing it.

“And when I got it right, and he was obviously impressed, he booked me to perform at my first show which was at school. The thought of it was so scary but being on stage felt so natural,” he said.

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The multi-talented star became more and more involved in music to a point of becoming the musical director at his father’s church and also got to work with Khaya Mthethwa within the church environment.

Mendes clasp a diploma in music and also clasp a qualification in mechanical engineering plus a certificate in financial advisory.

The former football star, who can play most musical instruments, said soccer was just something that came naturally to him.

He started playing football at the age of 17 years old and got the chance to play for clubs such as AmaZulu FC and Royal AM.

“My brothers and I are very sporty so playing sports was just another thing for us. When I pursued soccer professionally, music was always there. Maybe that happened because I always knew that soccer was not a long-term career for me.

“I wasn’t paying attention because I think if I was I would have been more persistent and forced my way in to be seen. I didn’t look at it as something that I would do for the rest of my life, it wasn’t the calling.”

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Remembering his last game, Mendes openly became emotional narrating how on that day he knew deep down within himself that day would mark the end of his football career.

“It was a playoff game and I got hurt on the field but I knew that this was the last of it. I was literally in tears playing, I cried because it was painful but also because of what I knew. They told me to come off but I remember begging to stay on because, in my mind, I had personally made the decision. I knew that I was not going to carry on chasing this.

“The EP will then tell my story, hence the title. It is about me, opening myself and giving the listener every part of me – the good times and the bad.”


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