France President Wife Age Difference

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Emmanuel Macron is a politician and a banker. Emmanuel Macron was born on 21 December 1977 in Amiens, France. Emmanuel Macron’s parents are Francoise Macron (a Physician) and Jean-Michel Macron (a Professor). From 2014 to 2016 Emmanuel Macron served under President Francois Hollande as Minister of Economics, Industry, and Digital Affairs.

Emmanuel Macron was elected as president of France in 2017, Macron was reelected in 2022 making him the first French President to win a second term in two decades.

President Emmanuel Macron was the first person in the history of the Fith Republic to win the presidency without the support of either the Socialists or the Gaullists.

Emmanuel Macron studied philosophy at Paris Nanterre University. He completed his master’s degree in public affairs at Science Po and graduated from the Ecole Nationale d’administration in 2014.

Emmanuel Macron is married to Brigitte Trongneux, Brigitte Trongneux is Emmanuel Macrons Former teacher at La Providence High School in Amiens. Emmanuel Macron and Brigitte Trongneux got Married in 2007.

France President Wife Age Difference

President Emmanuel Macron’s age difference from his wife Brigitte Trongneux is 24 years difference.


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