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‘Friends’ Co-Creator Makes $4 Million Donation After Being ‘Embarrassed’ By Show’s Lack of Diversity

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Marta Kauffman is giving millions because of Friends’ absence of variety. Recently, Brandeis University, Kauffman’s place of graduation, reported that the sitcom’s co-maker has vowed $4 million to lay out a supplied residency in the school’s African and African American Studies Department.

“It required me a long investment to start to comprehend how I assimilated fundamental bigotry,” Kauffman told the college.

“I’ve been endeavoring to turn into a partner, an enemy of bigot. What’s more, this appeared to me to be a way that I could take part in the discussion from a white lady’s viewpoint.”

The Marta F. Kauffman ’78 Professorship in African and African American Studies will uphold a recognized researcher with a focus in the investigation of the people groups and societies of Africa and the African diaspora.

The gift will likewise assist the division with enrolling more master researchers and educators, map long haul scholastic and examination needs and give new open doors to understudies to take part in interdisciplinary grant.

“I’ve gained some useful knowledge over the most recent 20 years,” she told the power source. “Conceding and it isn’t not difficult to acknowledge culpability. It’s difficult checking out at yourself in the mirror. I’m humiliated that I didn’t know better a long time back.”

Kauffman added that she started to rethink Friends’ absence of variety after George Floyd, a Black man, was killed by a white cop in 2020.

“It was after what befallen George Floyd that I started to grapple with my having gotten involved with foundational prejudice in manners I was never mindful of,” she said.

“That was actually the second that I started to look at the manners in which I had taken part. I realized then I expected to course-right.”

Presently, Kauffman said, “I’m at last, in a real sense getting the ball rolling.” Through her gift, Kauffman trusts she “was at last ready to have some effect in the discussion.”

“I need to say, in the wake of consenting to this and when I quit perspiring, it didn’t unburden me, however it lifted me up,” she said of giving millions.

“In any case, until in my next creation I can get everything done as needs be, it isn’t finished. I need to ensure from this point forward in each creation I do that I am cognizant in employing minorities and effectively seek after youthful authors of variety. I need to realize I will act uniquely in contrast to now on. And afterward I will feel unburdened.”

Concerning the public’s reaction to her gift, Kauffman said she’s “gotten only love.”

“It’s been astonishing. It amazed me somewhat, in light of the fact that I didn’t anticipate that the news should go this wide.

I’ve gotten a surge of messages and messages and posts that have been only strong,” she said. “I’ve gotten a great deal of ‘Better late than never.’ Not in a mean way. It’s simply individuals recognizing it was extremely past due.”

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