Funmi Awelewa Deletes Social Media Posts In Grief Over The Loss Of ‘Husband’ Sisi Quadri

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In memory of her on-screen spouse, Sisi Quadri, well-known Yoruba actress Funmi Awelewa has painted her social media accounts completely black.

The Nollywood actress, better known as Morili, who had a unique bond with Sisi Quadri while filming, expressed her deep sadness on her Instagram page.

The veteran actor apparently died from complications resulting from kidney problems.

Following his confirmation of the news on his Instagram profile, blogger Seun Oloketuyi received condolences and respects from the film business.

Funmi Awelewa Deletes Social Media Posts In Grief Over The Loss Of ‘Husband’ Sisi Quadri

In a similar news, the well-known Nollywood actor Tolani Quadri Oyebamiji, better known as Sisis Quadri, has passed away.

Today, March 1, 2024, saw the statement made by the well-known Instagram account Nollywood Citadel.

Due to his performance in the December 4, 2004 film “Seniyan Seranko,” Sisi Quadri received a lot of recognition.

Sisi Quadri is a well-known seasoned comedy actor who dominates the online skit-making and Yoruba movie business. His major success in the film industry came when he played a “Insultive” figure in Seniyan Seranko, a Yoruba epic film.

He then took a long absence before making his comeback in the popular humorous movie “Ebudola” with his best buddy, Funmi Awelewa, in 2020, which catapulted him into the spotlight.

Sisi Quadri enthralls his audience with his candid demeanor and his ability to criticize his rival in films. He has no competitors and is a rare breed in Nollywood.

Owing to the film’s reception and success, Ebudola, parts 2 and 3 were produced. They received millions of views and elevated Sisi Quadri to a prominent position, winning over moviegoers’ affection.

He has also collaborated with notable content makers such as Mr. Macaroni, Woli Agba, Broda Shaggi, Pastor Remote, and many others.

He also appears in the recently released Netflix series Anikulapu: The Rise of the Spectre.

Saidi Balogun, Jigan Babaoja, Mr Latin, Biola Bayo, Jamiu Azeez, and others confirmed the death.


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