Gaetano Giuliano Obituary, Cause Of Death

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The 94-year-old former vice president of the Sicilian Region, Carlo Gaetano Giuliano, has suddenly passed away. He served as secretary of the PSI provincial Federation and vice president of the Syracuse province administration.

He was chosen in 1972 to represent the PSI in the Syracuse province’s constituency for the Sicilian Regional Assembly. Re-elected to the ARS in 1976, he served as the Bonfiglio council’s councilor for tourism until 1978, when he was appointed vice president of the region under Piersanti Mattarella’s first administration.

In March 1979, during the second Mattarella administration, he held both offices.

Following Mattarella’s assassination on January 6, 1980, he took over as President of the Region until May 1, 1980, and he also led the delegation to Health starting in March 1980.

Despite not being re-elected in 1981, he carried on with his political career, serving as a PSI local councilor in the municipality of Palazzolo Acreide until 1994.

He still resides there now. He got involved in animal husbandry after stepping down from active politics and served as the Syracuse Breeders Association’s provincial president.

Gaetano Giuliano Cause of Death

No cause of death was revealed at the time of this publication. Our thoughts go to the family and loved ones.

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