Gary Pearson Illness: What Health Condition Did Gary Pearson Have?

Pearson was upbrought in Seaham, County Durham. He began his professional career with the Sheffield United development program before committing to the team on July 3, 1995.

He played non-League football after three years with United before signing for Stalybridge Celtic on August 22.
Before the 2005–2006 season came to a close, he played for Gateshead in six games.
In July 2006, he agreed to become a player coach for Horden Colliery Welfare.

Later that year, he began playing with Sunderland Nissan and stayed with them until 2009, when the club dissolved. The next two seasons were spent at Spennymoor Town.

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Illness: What Health Condition Did Gary Pearson Have?

Gary Pearson passed away after suffering from a heart attack on July 1, 2022. He is reported to have had some cardiovascular and blood pressure issues.

Nonetheless, his death still came as a surprise for many of his close family and friends and his team since he had looked healthy and active during the week.

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