George V wife: Who was Mary of Teck?

George V (; 3 June 186520 January 1936) reigned as Emperor of India from 6 May, 1910 until his passing in 1936. George V was also the King of the United Kingdom and the Birtish  Dominions.

George was the second son of Albert Edward, Prince of Wales, and was third in line to the British throne after his father and older brother, Prince Albert Victor. George was born during the reign of his grandmother,  Queen Victoria.

George served in the Royal Navy from1877 to1892, when his older brother unexpectedly passed away in the early months of that year, placing him first inline for the throne. George’s father, Edward VII, became king after Victoria died in 1901, and George was made  Prince of Wales. At the time of his father’s passing in 1910, George was king-emperor.

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George V wife: Who was Mary of Teck?

Mary was a British-born child who was raised in the country. Mary was the daughter of Francis, Duke of Teck,  , a German nobleman, and Princess Mary Adelaide of Cambridge, a distant relative of King George III and a minor member of the  British royal family. Following the month of her birth, Mary was also known by the nickname ”May” On July 6, 1893, George V and Mary were married at St. James’s Palace Chapel Royal.

They remained loyal  to one another for another the rest of their lives.

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