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Ghanaian Tiktoker Asantewaa To Lose Wikipedia Profile?

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When speaking about TikTokers in Ghana, there is one name that if not mentioned the list won’t be complete and that is Asantewaa. She has been in the TikToking business for some time now and has made enviable impacts, most especially in the music industry. Even though she has quit music promotion.

She has a Wikipedia profile and at this point, one of the editors is holding the view that she does not have any known career that merits her on a Wiki and the account has been earmarked for deletion.

There is a defender in her case and that person has shared a distinct view which is so far, she is a content creator and does that on TikTok, she has a career.

The argument is on and who wins it determines the fate of Asantewaa’s Wiki Profile. We hope that things will go in her favor. All the best TikTok star.


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