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Gigi Lamayne In Collaboration To Pay Homage To Menzi Ngubane And Keep His Memory Alive

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Those who loved him as an actor will always have him in their hearts. Rapper Gigi Lamayne has opted to write a song to honor Menzi Ngubane. Some people will remember him from the lines he used in the musicals he starred in.

The hip-hop, amapiano, and Afrobeat fusion song Menzi Ngubane is out now on the Berlin-based label Paradise Sound System.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE, Gigi expressed her want to honor the late actor who passed away in 2021.

“Menzi Ngubane was a seasoned actor and thespian. He was somebody that I had looked up to for the longest time and I think the only regret that I have is not getting to actually meet him.”

After the venerable actor passed away, Gigi said she waited to release the song because she wanted it to be as sincere as possible.

Artists Robot Boii, Lady Du, MustBeDubz, and Ntosh Gazi were among her collaborators.

“With Lady Du she is a very fierce woman in the entertainment space. She speaks her mind and she can go up against the boys.

Robot has built a name for himself. He is somebody who was rooted in hip-hop just like me and he has created a name for himself in the entertainment industry, dance culture , the music culture. He’s got his podcast going on as well.

Ntosh had the biggest song John Vuligate when amapiano was on the rise. He is very much into the old-school, Sowetan vibe. All three of them are like A-list artists.”

According to Gigi, they got in touch with the Menzi Ngubane Foundation, and a portion of the song’s sales will be donated to the organization and the causes the venerable actor supported.

“There are many things he was involved in in the communities and even after his death his beautiful wife and children are continuing that legacy. So it’s not just a song that we re going in and we are telling ourselves it’s going to be this big thing. It’s a work of art that’s going to produce charity work, opportunities for other people and it’s also going to keep his memory alive.”

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