Everyone Is Laughing At Me – Ex-Girlfriend Of Lil Frosh Regrets Reporting Him For Domestic Violence

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Cute Geminme, the estranged lover of Nigerian rapper, Lil Frosh has warned the general public not to take rumors heard on social media seriously as she debunks rumors of reuniting with the rapper after accusing him of beating her up.

Cute Geminme caused a stir on social media after a video of hers alleging that her boyfriend at the time mercilessly beat her up. What made her story interesting is though she had swells all over her face, the rapper denied the allegations.

Recently, rumors of the couple reuniting made waves on social media which led to a number of people chastising her for going right back into the hands of her abuser.

However, in a video circulating on Instagram, Cute Geminme said that the rumors were far from the truth. She added that she now regrets putting her plight out there as people are taking advantage of it to mock her.

“This is getting out of hand because it’s crazy how you guys just believe anything you see on social media. Anyways I’m here to tell you guys that we are not back together, we never got back together. I only said we are in good terms and that was because the court case was redrawn and settled…To be honest, if I am asked if I regret ever coming out to put out the news, then yes I regret a lot. I wish I never even came out to say I was been beaten in the first place because now it’s like everyone is using that thing against me and everyone is laughing at me…”, she said.

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