Gisele Bundchen Sisters: Patricia Nonnenmacher Bündchen, Rafaela Nonnenmacher Bündchen, etc.

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Gisele Bundchen is a 41-year-old Brazilian fashion model, activist, and businesswoman. She was born on July 20, 1980, in Horizontina, the Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

She has been one of the highest-paid models in the world since 2001. She has been active in the industry from 1997 to the present. In 2014, she was listed as the 89th Most Powerful Woman in the world by Forbes.


Gisele bundchen Sisters: Patricia Nonnenmacher Bündchen, Rafaela Nonnenmacher Bündchen, etc.


Gisele grew up with five sisters. Aside Patricia Bunchen, Gisele has four other siblings. They are Rafaela Nonnenmacher Bunchen, Raquel Nonnenmacher Bunchen, Gabriela Nonnenmacher Bunchen and Graziela Nonnenmacher Bunchen.


Meet Patricia Nonnenmacher Bündchen


Patricia Nonnenmacher Bundchen is an entrepreneur and a model as well. She was born in Tres de Maio, State of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil on July 20, 1980, and she is 41 years old.

She stepped into the spotlight and captured the world’s attention as Gisele Bundchen’s twin sister. Pat, is currently the spokeswoman and manager of her supermodel twin sister.


Also, she is well known in the modeling fraternity. She along with her twin sister are famous for their gorgeous looks.

She is a former fashion model and has worked with different agencies. She has also been the face of different top-notched brands.


Meet Rafaela Nonnenmacher Bündchen


Rafaela is the younger sister of Gisele. It seems she is also following the fashion line. She has a good sense of fashion though she is not a professional yet.


Meet Raquel Nonnenmacher Bunchen


Raquel is a sister of Gisele but decided to live a very private life. She has shared no personal information on the internet.


Meet Gabriela Nonnenmacher Bunchen


Gabriela is an entertainment lawyer in Brazil. She ventured into modeling when they were little but her heart was with sports.

Gabriela and Gisele dreamt of being professional volleyball players until her elder sister was taken by modeling and a foot injury prevented her from going further. Gabriela still remains in a cordial relationship with her superstar big sister.


Meet Graziela Nonnenmacher Bunchen


Graziela is another sister of Gisele. She is also living a private life and has not revealed so much about herself to the public.

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