Go And Buy Deodorant You Stink – Frederick Leonard

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Award-winning Nollywood actor, Frederick Leonard has advised people not to waste their money on unnecessary calls but to use the money to buy deodorant to eliminate body odor.


The actor obviously out of his own experiences advised people whose job involves excessive body movement to purchase and use deodorants as their bodies release sweat leading to some stinking very badly.


Sharing a picture on his Instagram account, Frederick added that it should be considered a crime when people refuse to use body spray. He explained that deodorants are not that expensive and can be afforded with the same monies they spend on airtime to visit gossip blogs.


“Not using deodorant/body spray should be an offense punishable by law! Use deodorants! Especially if your work is tedious & involves a lot of body movement, you will sweat, and when you sweat you stink!


It’s not expensive. No matter how low you earn, you can afford it. Use the money you spend on calls to gossip and buy data to visit gossip blogs on social media to fresh up yourself and smell good, so you don’t kill your colleagues and co-workers…”


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