GONE Nigerian Netflix Movie Review, Download

GONE Nigerian Netflix Movie Review, Download
GONE Nigerian Netflix Movie Review, Download

GONE is a Nigerian movie released in 2020 which is available on . This award-winning movie features top actors such as Sam Dede, Gabriel Afolayan, Stella Damascus, Bimbo Ademoye, Gbenga Titiloye, Bimbo Manuel and Sophie Alakiya.

Directed by Daniel Ademinokan, GONE is a movie about a father (Ani the Animal) who travelled to America to seek greener pastures with his boxing career.

However, things didn’t go as expected, thus, he got entangled in some mistakes which made him to spend 24 years in jail.

He left his 2-year-old daughter, wife and unborn son behind for over 25 years.

When he finally got released from prison, he went back to Nigeria, only to realise that a lot has changed.

The worst of it all was, his wife had fallen in love with another man. His efforts to win back his ‘lost family’ made the story to unravel in a very emotional way.

GONE Netflix movie cast

  • Sam Dede as Ani
  • Stella Damasus as Ngozi
  • Gabriel Afolayan as Ayochukwu
  • Bimbo Ademoye as Anu
  • Gbenga Titiloye as Philip
  • Jumoke Aderounmu as Clara
  • Sophie Alakija as Zainab
  • Emma OhmadGod as Femi
  • Moses Akerele as Tope
  • James Jibunma as Ogaga
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GONE Plot Summary

In pursuit of a better life as a boxer, Ani leaves his family in Nigeria for New York. It was his aim to become a world champion in boxing. However, his effort to get a citizenship in America got him involved in a rape case — which Ani claims he’s innocent of.

However, due to racial profiling, Ani got sentenced to 40+years in prison. He had the choice of going on parole after serving 24 years in a correctional facility.

All these years while in prison, his family back home in Nigeria thought he was dead since he didn’t tell them what he was going through in America.

GONE Nigerian Netflix Movie Review, Download
GONE Nigerian Netflix Movie Review, Download

Ani’s wife Ngozi single-handedly raised their two kids — a boy and a girl.

After waiting for 25 solid years with hope that Ani would one day come back, he never did.

She finally fell in love with Philip, who was wealthy man and helped her generously.

Ngozi even accepted his marriage proposal with a decision to give a shot at ‘true love’ once again.

There and then, the most shocking and unexpected thing happened and that was the return of Ani — whom they thought was dead.

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Ani upon coming back had to fight for his family to accept him. And with the fact that his wife is now in love with another man, he had to fight until the drop of his last blood to win her love back and that of his children whom have grown to hate him.

All these added an emotional flavour to the movie that made it interesting to watch.

GONE Nigerian Netflix movie Review

GONE as scripted by Ademinokan and Obi Emelonye, is a masterpiece. The characters played their roles beautifully. The best character for me is Ayochukwu — that young man Gabriel Afolayan is a legend in the making. The way he played his role as a deviant child as a result of his father’s absence was mesmerising to watch.

This is a story that would bring you to tears.

You will not regret watching GONE. Sam Dede as usual brought along his A-game as we know him for always.

Try and watch GONE today and trust me, you will not regret it.

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The movie has such a good storyline and a great comic relief. This is good for you if you’re a lover of movies with lessons.

However, the only problem I had was how Ngozi didn’t portray the appearance of a poor single mother.

She’s always spotted with expensive wigs and clothes which kind of get you thinking if she’s indeed poor as she was projected in the movie.

Well, we can also give her the benefit of the doubt that her new-found lover Philip was rich. Hence, perhaps, he was the one funding her expensive look.

Additionally, the first 15 minutes of the movie was very slow. If you’re the impatient type, you might conclude hastily that the movie was a boring one.

But entirely, this was a good film.

I will personally give it 4.5 out of 5.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

GONE Nollywood Movie download

To those who would love to watch GONE, kindly check it out on Netflix.

Please you can check out more Netflix reviews. Thank you.

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