‘Grammy award changed my life’ – Musician Manana

Grammy Award-winner says the eventful switch the internationally acclaimed toll brought with it is that people now take him and his talent seriously.

“People are more willing to give me the opportunity to work with them. Especially as a writer because the Grammy award was my contribution to writing. It’s been a little life-changing but not as life-changing as people think at the same time,” he said.

His first EP But Could the Moments in Between is a sincere consideration of everyday issues through music without looking too much concave but picturing the greater society’s experiences.

“This EP is the second of three linked projects, with the first one being, In the Beginning, was the End, and the last one that will be a complete three-lined poem. The concept was that the first one explains the beginning of this story while the last one puts a full stop to it.

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But Could the Moments in Between is about the moments in between. When I was putting the songs together, I was thinking about how, sometimes in a relationship or in our lives, we look at those as moments that lead to a certain

destination. Forgetting that those days and those moments are happening and are equally important to our lives,” he says.

The 28-year-old from eSwatini has found a home in the busy city of Johannesburg where he has not only made a family for himself but also found his music tribe within the craft.

“I knew music was a career that I would follow after I wrote and recorded my first song many years ago. The goal after studying music was never to pursue artistry, but after playing back the song I was convinced it was the career path to follow.”

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But also, not following industry standards or changing the fundamentals of his sound has also made the trip a little hard

“When I got to Joburg, I had meetings with different labels and when I would play them my music – this is now gearing up to releasing the first EP – the chats were, ‘we hear that your sound is really dope but maybe think about doing house music at first because people are not used to this sound. Give them something they are used to’ And initially, I would take offense to such things but I realized that 10 years down the line, I don’t want to be performing a genre that I am not happy making the music for,” he says.

'Grammy award changed my life' - Musician Manana

His second EP differs from apprising acoustic sounds to songs that touch on to dance floors of days gone by. The singer narrates himself as an honest, loyal person who loves watching and playing soccer. “A side of me that many people don’t know,” Manana says.

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About his time in the industry, he says: “I think the industry is unkind but I don’t think anyone should take that personally. Previously, I think I did take it personally when I started working with people or writing for different artists.

“I would take it personally when I didn’t get the recognition, or the playlisting, or the love that I thought I should get. But I soon realized that it is really not personal.  Once you find your people and find your team, it’s actually amazing.”

His last EP that completes the trifecta will be a time-served album, he says.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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