Grant Gilbertson Obituary

obituary details are of paramount request to a lot of hockey fans across the globe especially looking at how painful he died.

Grant Gilbertson was an 18-year-old boy hockey player who died in a road accident. Grant Gilbertson road accident occurred at around 6:00 PM on January 3, 2022, closer to Humpback Road.

Grant Gilbertson played the front position for Vancouver Island. His team, Vancouver Island was part of the Junior Hockey League Club.

Grant Gilbertson had a car accident while on his way to practice for the game with Peninsula Panthers. The accident which has become soo huge on many national stations took place on Monday on Sooke Road.

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His death has since been a major shock to the world.

Grant Gilbertson Death Cause

According to the report, Grant Gilbertson lost his life on the spot after the accident occurred. He had some serious cuts during the accident and that might have resulted in his death.

He was on his way for practice in order to be featured in one of their pending games. The practice to happen at Panorama Rec Centre located in North Saanich. News reached his camp about 20 minutes for the training to commence and it of a major shock.

Peninsula Panthers owner said while reacting: “I went to the rink for training about 5:30 pm and the lanes were completely okay but when I came into the parking mess at the Panorama I could witness that it looked really greasy. ”

The cause of death has been blamed on the current icy conditions.

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Grant Gilbertson Obituary

The obituary details of Grant Gilbertson is yet to be made public. This is so because the family of Grant Gilbertson are yet to decide on that.

Grant Gilbertson team owners have pledged to support his family and friends with anything that can offer.

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