Guy Griffiths (admiral) Cause Of Death, Wife, Children, Net Worth, Illness

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Rear Admiral Guy Richmond Griffiths was welcomed into the world on March 1, 1923 and lived 101 years until death claimed him on March 5, 2024.

Griffiths had a career as a senior officer of the Royal Australian Navy. He was noted to have served in the Second World War and survived the sinking of HMS Repulse in 1941.

Griffiths who also served in the Korean and Vietnam wars was Chief of Naval Personnel and Flag Officer Naval Support Command in the 1970s.

He hailed from Sydney, New South Wales.

Guy Griffiths (admiral) Cause of Death

Guy Griffiths breathed his last from a death cause which remains under wraps.

Guy Griffiths (admiral) Wife

It is unknown to whom Guy Griffiths was married and referred to as his wife.

Guy Griffiths (admiral) Children

Guy Griffiths kept under wraps details about his children, making unknown who are his kids.

Guy Griffiths (admiral) Net Worth

Guy Griffiths had an undisclosed amount as his net worth.

Guy Griffiths (admiral) Illness

Guy Griffiths did not undergo treatment for any kind of illness.

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