Hallie James Kyed Obitaury, Cause Of Death

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Hallie James Kyed, a two-year-old child from Franklin, Massachusetts, died on January 21, 2024, after battling acute myeloid leukaemia for nine months. She was the adored daughter of Jennifer D. Crosby-Kyed and Douglas M. Kyed, a Patriots writer for the Boston Herald, and was born in Boston on March 28, 2021.

Hallie was noted for her bravery, strength, and fondness of princess gowns. Her parents, sister Olivia, grandmothers, and other family members survive her.

After nine months of treatments, including chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and a bone marrow transplant, Hallie died to her illness’s complications. She leaves a legacy of courage, joy, and wonderful memories that her family will remember.

Hallie James Kyed Obitaury

Hallie Kyed, the 2-year-old daughter of Jennifer Crosby-Kyed and Douglas Kyed, a Patriots reporter for the Boston Herald, peacefully departed on Sunday, January 21.

Hallie James Kyed Cause Of Death

Hallie James Kyed’s parents, Jennifer D. Crosby-Kyed and Douglas M., were by her side during her courageous battle against acute myeloid leukemia. Hallie valiantly endured nine months of treatments, including a bone marrow transplant and chemotherapy.

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