Hanks Anuku Admits To Being Depressed; Says ‘That’s Why I Drink’

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Hanks Anuku, a veteran Nollywood actor, has spoken out about his battle with depression. The actor was rumored to be suffering from mental illness, but he has denied this.

Hanks Anuku asserts that the rumors are untrue and says he is doing well. He did, however, disclose that he drinks alcohol to help him cope with the difficulties of his ongoing battle with depression.

The actor, who has been in the news recently due to viral reports and videos expressing his concerns about his mental health, addressed the issue in a widely shared Instagram video.

In the video, Hanks acknowledged his alcoholism and associated it with the challenges of long-term unemployment and ongoing worry for his kids’ welfare.

Hanks Anuku

The actor said: “Yes, depression makes me drink but I never take hard drugs, I don’t take hard drugs at all.

“Out of depression, I did not have a job for years, I was thinking about my children, their school fees and their welfare among other things and you know what it is like when it gets to that point.

“I call it a breaking point, I was broken to pieces and I had to go drinking and that is it”, the 63-year-old said.


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