Hans Hollmann Children: Anna Hollmann, Anna Joséphine, Caspar Florian

, an Austrian-Swiss theater director, and performer was born on 4 February 1933.
He held a degree in law and was also employed as a university instructor.

Although being an Austrian native, Hollmann spent many years residing in Basel with his household.

Hans Hollmann, who was also Hollmann’s father, was well-known for teaching music in and around Graz.
His mother was a teacher as well. Hollmann graduated from the local university in 1956 with a Ph.D. in jurisprudence after attending the Gymnasium (school) in Graz.
At the Reinhardt Seminar at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna, he later changed his study focus to theater.

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He earned a diploma in performing in 1958. At Vienna’s Josefstadt Theatre, he later made his professional acting and directing debut.
Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet performance at the Heidelberg Theatre marked his breakthrough as a director in the 1964–1965 season.
With the Stuttgart State Theatre’s 1967 production of Dön von Horváth’s Italian Night—which later transferred to Berlin’s Kurfürstendamm Theatre—he gained greater renown on a global scale.

Children: , ,

Caspar Florian, the son of Hollmann and the actress , died in an avalanche accident in 2001.

His daughters are Anna Josephine, a low-profile fellow, and Anna Hollmann, a political scientist.

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