Hans Poulsen Cause Of Death

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Bruce Gordon Poulsen, a multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter of Danish descent better known by his stage as Hans Sven Poulsen, lived in Australia and was a resident hippy eccentric.

Soft-rock, pop, country, folk, and even bluegrass components were all mixed together in his music in a pleasant and idealistic way.
As Poulsen experienced first cancer and then a stroke and spent several years in the hospital, his career was cut short in the late 1970s. He eventually became a music therapist after his recuperation.

Poulsen also enjoyed success as a songwriter, penning popular songs for other performers including John Farnham and Zoot, notably “Monty and Me” for John Farnham and “Rose Colored Glasses” for Zoot.

It’s Only A Matter Of Time, one of his best-known and most popular compositions, was the widely-played B-side of Russell Morris’ legendary single “The Real Thing,” which reached number 1 in Australia in May 1969.

Hans Poulsen Cause Of Death

On February 17, 2023, Hans Poulsen passed away. He was 77. The public was not informed of the reason for the death.


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