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Harvey Guillén Talks ‘What We Do in the Shadows’ Season 4 and Joining the DC Universe

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The Emmy-designated FX satire What We Do in the Shadows is back with season 4 as Nandor (Kayvan Novak), Nadja (Natasia Demetriou), Laszlo (Matt Berry), Colin Robinson (Mark Proksch) and Guillermo (Harvey Guillén) have rejoined in their Staten Island chateau as the pack begins chasing after desires of their own, from tracking down timeless love to sending off another vampire club.

That, yet “this season will essentially be addressing every one of the inquiries that individuals have had for the last three seasons,” Guillén tells ET. What’s more, a portion of those greatest responses will be about Guillermo.

“When it’s all said and done, we generally have discussed how Guillermo doesn’t kiss and tell. What he’s been raised with, to some degree in light of his experience or perhaps that he was informed you don’t show warmth openly or perhaps sexuality’s not a subject of discussion for the supper table,” the entertainer makes sense of. “In this way, he’s at last going to ask himself inquiries that the crowd could have been asking before that he was too timid to even think about pushing ahead with [in the past].”

Peruse on to figure out what Guillén needs to say about Nandor and Guillermo being the cutting edge Sam and Diane, meeting his personality’s more distant family as well as how he feels about joining the DC Universe with parts in Harley Quinn and Blue Beetle.

ET: How might you depict this season generally speaking?

Harvey Guillén: We will pull together the posse following an extended period of being isolated and a ton of feelings will be raised. Thus, I feel like everybody’s on their own excursion this season to figure out what fulfills them, including a wedding, including resurrection, incorporating being straightforward with yourself and including new business experiences. Along these lines, everybody is on this street to better themselves.

As you said, the debut sees everybody at long last back together in the wake of being isolated toward the finish of last season. What’s more, things appear to be tense among Guillermo and the vampires. How can we go to see those connections tried?

I believe everybody will be pushed as far as possible and this season, Guillermo gets pushed to his definitive cutoff. He’s been developing this for a considerable length of time, being a recognizable and presently, his desired response is the response that he has given himself. [He can’t wait] for another person to give him consent or a title.

I believe Guillermo’s attempting to assume control over issues. As you see later in this season, [there’s] a major blast that shows how strong and solid he is, and simply being and claiming his own space, and not really utilizing any sort of unique power or anything with the exception of what’s in him normally. That is so incredible he can at last flex that.

What We Do in the Shadows
I feel like piece of what will push Guillermo as far as possible is Nandor. Furthermore, I realize you’re gotten some information about the connection between the two, yet how is everything turning out to test his relationship with Guillermo?

Indeed, that is what I feel like a many individuals, you know, need to see them together. They’ve been together for more than 10 years as actually a nearby organization, maybe. It’s a relationship that assuming that they had with any other person they would be a hitched couple. [There could be] closeness, you know? Thus, I think individuals are only hanging tight for that last step. Like, “Would you say you will make it happen? Come on, would you say you will make it happen? Will they, could they? Is this, you know, Cheers?”

I feel like now and again we need to rush things that need to happen naturally. What’s more, I feel that the crowd, particularly with Nandor’s quest for a spouse this season, and asking Guillermo assist him with viewing his significant other and as a best man at his wedding, which the vast majority would believe that is an insult of the set of experiences that we’ve seen, yet you’ve made that presumption in your mind by watching. We have never authoritatively expressed anything about them being together or on the other hand on the off chance that they care deeply about one another. They miss one another or whatnot, however so does your dearest companion, you know? You and your dearest companion can be so close. Like, you can watch a film with your closest companion yet that doesn’t imply that you will be physical with them.

Thus, we’re showing this truly impressive connection between these two characters and whatever occurs later on will happen naturally. You know, that year away caused him to understand a great deal of things. The last time we saw him, he was so eager to use whatever might remain of his life going around evening time with Nandor. I believe it’s good to see that we will see him sort of perhaps – – you know, we get traces of [him acting] strangely. He’s conversing with somebody on the telephone. Thus, we’re like, “Hold up, what’s happening?” And we could at long last hear Guillermo kiss and tell.

I’m happy that you referenced Cheers since I needed to ask, does it seem like Guillermo and Nandor are the current Sam and Diane? What’s it like to add another layer to that “will they, would they” dynamic we see on TV so frequently?

I love Cheers. That is an extraordinary model. It’s fun in light of the fact that Kayvan and I play with these characters and we love what we do, so it’s enjoyable to perceive how extraordinary, you know, they associate with one another and how individuals need to see a greater amount of them. [The audience] checks out watch a little sprinkle of it in each episode, similar to, “What will occur? What will push them ahead? What will slow down them?”

In this way, it’s ideal to realize the fans truly love their dynamic. What’s more, it will not dishearten. This season, we’ll show you an alternate tone to the canvas and I think individuals are truly going to like it.

I likewise need to get some information about gathering Guillermo’s more distant family, which all of you prodded as an extraordinary episode. What could we at any point anticipate from his family and how does that illuminate what we are familiar Guillermo?

It is one of my number one episodes of the time. We get to meet the family and we get to see a smidgen of where he comes from and how he cooperates with them and the persona that they could have of him.

Recall that Guillermo is an alternate individual in every climate. At the point when he is with the Mosquito Collectors of the Tri-State Area, he’s somewhat more certain and has more voice and takes initiative. At the point when he’s with vampires prior in the seasons, he’s tranquil and tentative. He’s reluctant to be rebuffed and given one more year of sentence as a recognizable. Thus, he sort of, similar to, chameleons himself to anything he should be in that climate, and afterward we’ll understand to his family and how he holds himself in that climate, which will be fascinating so that the crowd might be able to see.

What We Do in the Shadows
Notwithstanding What We Do in the Shadows, you likewise have Harley Quinn coming up. In season 3, you play Nightwing. What compelled you need to join the show and be a piece of that voice project?

Being essential for that world, I mean, it’s so famous. At the point when they requested that I voice Nightwing, I [made this] joke that they were pigeonholing. I was like, “Nightwing was known for having his best resources behind him.” And thus, I made a joke out of that and individuals went on the web and went for it.

Yet, I like joining the DC world with both movement and true to life. I likewise recently completed the process of recording Blue Beetle and that will be emerging one year from now. Thus, I’m amped up for that. Also, doing Harley Quinn simply remains inseparable. To play a superhuman, I mean, it’s sort of perfect.

As far as what we get to see on Harley Quinn, how might you depict Nightwing?

He is agonizing. We see him, off the bat, back from Blüdhaven and something doesn’t add up about him that he’s on a mission to demonstrate something that we hear in his tone. Furthermore, he needs to lead with this, as, hard outside. Yet, recall that nobody’s always essentially as extreme as they show. It’s consistently similar to their bark is greater than their nibble. With him, he needs to demonstrate that his nibble is totally bone-pulverizing.

Since you additionally referenced Blue Beetle, I was interested what it resembled being on set, particularly with such a huge Latinx cast, which we regularly don’t see in hero films.

At the point when I got the part, I was directly through the moon because it is such a notable cast and changing everything is going. I generally say portrayal matters to where I’m blue in the face, however this cast is all Latinx entertainers. At the point when you read the content – – I experienced childhood in a Mexican family – – and to recite those lines without holding back, which I’ve never heard in different stories, and I’ve never heard that exchange in different films that I’ve seen that way, as it will be notable.

I feel so regarded to be a piece of this. Furthermore, there will be some Latino youngster watching this film who can feel roused to do anything. Furthermore, I feel that this will be for the Latino people group what Black Panther was for the Black people group and portrayal. We express it for what might feel like forever, however we [need to] see more ethnic minorities setting instances of being good examples and not very much like the Latino posse banger, the Latino latrine scrubber. No, we ought to see them in, influential places, as legends, [living an] optimistic life since that exists. Along these lines, we really want a greater amount of that. I generally say we want more superheroes of variety.

What We Do in the Shadows debuts with two episodes Tuesday, July 12 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on FX.

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