also known as Nessa is an entrepreneur and Instagram model who founded the successful jewelry line Its Rich Girlz, the dress line Valencia Atelier, and the Jada Milan Collection. She is very popular on Instagram, where she shares fashionable selfies with more than 700K followers. 

Has Vanessa Posso Dated ?

Yes, Vanessa Posso has dated Meek Mill on and off for some time now. Rapper Meek Mill was heartbroken recently after his girlfriend Nessa dumped him for boxing star Gervonta Davis.

Meek Mill lost his longtime on-again-off-again girlfriend Vanessa Posso, best known as Nessa after he found out that she was dating boxing star Gervonta Davis behind his back.

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Because of this, Meek Mill was ranting on social media about relationships and women. Meek Mill was deeply hurt by this act of betrayal since he thought he had something special going on. Their relationship has never been constant so it is of no surprise that it ended that way.

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