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Hayden Christensen ‘Saddened’ by Racist Remarks About ‘Obi-Wan’ Co-Star Moses Ingram

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Following news that Obi-Wan Kenobi star Moses Ingram was the objective of bigoted assaults via virtual entertainment, Hayden Christensen is supporting his co-star. “I’ve heard a smidgen about that and, clearly, it truly disheartens me,” the entertainer tells ET’s Matt Cohen. “I respect Moses. She’s a wonderful individual and person, however an unbelievably skilled entertainer.”

On the restricted Star Wars series, which appeared to record appraisals on Disney+, Ewan McGregor repeats his job as the maturing Jedi Master as he endeavors to avoid catch by an Inquisitor named Reva (Ingram), who works for the inexorably threatening and lethal Darth Varder (Christensen).

While fans have been amped up for seeing Christensen and McGregor rejoin, Ingram has shown to be a breakout star, on account of her presentation as the savagely aggressive power delicate champion. What’s more, taking into account the status quo unfurling in the series, Reva will probably end up being one of the most notorious augmentations to the establishment.

“Whenever I first saw the primary several episodes, I was amazed by her presentation and recently believed that the nuances and subtleties that she brought to this character were there and truly noteworthy,” Christensen says. “Thus, I mean, I trust toward the finish of the series, individuals are coming near. I believe she’s worked effectively and I think [Reva] is a significant person and individuals will come to understand that.”

Christensen’s remarks come after McGregor took to virtual entertainment to hammer the “appalling” messages shipped off Ingram. “As the main entertainer in the series, as leader maker on the series, [know] that we stand with Moses. We love Moses. What’s more, on the off chance that you’re sending her tormenting messages, you’re no Star Wars fan to me,” he said. “There’s a bad situation for bigotry in this world.”

Christensen, in the mean time, has been on his own excursion with fans since he originally joined the establishment as Anakin Skywalker in the prequel films. In the a long time since Attack of the Clones first appeared in quite a while, there’s been reestablished appreciation for his and McGregor’s commitments to the steadily extending universe.

“It’s simply been a mind boggling an open door to get to go on with this person and return to Star Wars after these years,” he says, noticing that “this is a job that massively affects my life, you know, expertly and by and by. Thus, to get to proceed with my excursion with them is enormously significant.

Not just that, getting back on set and into character “was a tremendous arrangement” for the entertainer, who will investigate “an exceptionally impressive person bend” as Vader in the series. However, considering that it’s been a long time since he last employed a lightsaber, there was some actual preparation and slimming down expected to get into legitimate shape. “It’s a Star Wars prerequisite,” Christensen says of leveling up for the job. “For this one, much more so on the grounds that I’m playing Vader now. In this way, I put on as much weight and size as possible. I assume I put on around 25 pounds.”

Furthermore, assisting him with preparing with a lightsaber from the beginning was his 7-year-old girl, Briar Rose. “She was my first lightsaber preparing accomplice,” the entertainer uncovers. “At the point when I began this in house, you know, conflicting lightsabers.”

While his little girl got to go lightsaber-to-lightsaber with Darth Vader, he says that she actually “hasn’t really seen Star Wars.” But she is familiar with it. “Furthermore, she knows, you know, the person that I play,” he adds, making sense of that her association has added one more level to getting back to the establishment. “That has been truly exceptional for me, as well, simply getting to impart this experience to my girl.”

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