“He Encouraged It, I Took My BF To The Show To Make Him Happy ”- Lady From Omah Lay’s Show Speaks

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Jessani, the lady who made headlines for leaving her fiancé behind to perform a dance with Omah Lay on stage, explains why she did so and how her partner supported her.

Despite attending the event with her fiancé, the Omah Lay fan from the UK went viral after dancing suggestively with the Afropop star.

She revealed in a recent interview that she had been a longtime fan of Omah Lay and that she had brought her companion to the occasion in order to cheer him up during a trying period.

Jessani went on to add that prior to the event, she and her boyfriend had talked about the possibility of receiving an invitation to perform live by the artist. She said the boyfriend was supportive of the idea and had even encouraged her.

 Omah Lay

Some of the reactions online: “He agreed for you to go on stage did you tell him you were going up to act pre-pornn.”

jmkshair: “He was going through hard times and you embarrassed him and made it worst ! Gurl that was wrong! stop explaining…. You all about to make another celeb….we always glorify wrong things.”

jae_muna1: “What does she want to explain now. Babygirl you were wrong abeg.”

kelvin_atc: “He was going through a hard time????? And you went on to…. Girll.”

samvail__: “He was going through hard times and you made the hard times worse by embarrassing him there.”


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