“He Hides Behind Wealth To Show Bad Behaviour” – Lady Calls Out Davido Over Alleged Misbehavior

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A Nigerian woman has taken to social media to accuse popular rapper Davido of using his money to cover up unethical behavior.

The woman expressed concern that due of the singer’s affluence and generous online offerings, many people overlook his activities.

The complainant was blunt in her condemnation of Davido’s actions, even though she admits to being a fan of the artist.

She implied that Davido might be using his wealth to justify acts that someone from a different socioeconomic background would find inappropriate.

He hides behind wealth to show bad behaviour" – Lady calls out Davido over alleged misbehavior

The woman implied that the singer’s charisma and altruistic actions, such as giving money to fans, might be distorting the public’s view of his actions.

“Davido is my guy, but I have to say this – he is badly behaved. I think it’s because we’re not on the same bracket. He’s a wealthy guy. He has always been wealthy all his life. I think sometimes he hides under wealth to perpetuate some very bad behaviors, and people don’t call it out as much because you know he has vibes and then giveaways here and there,” the lady said in part.

The complainant also cited Davido’s alleged feud with fellow musician Tiwa Savage.

Given the two artists’ long-standing connection, she was surprised by the conflict’s escalation.

The woman suggested that Davido’s financial condition hindered the public from aggressively criticizing his actions throughout the conflict.


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