The beef between seems not to end in itself. Most of them use such means to increase their popularity but in the end, many things that need not be consumed by the public are consumed. A very popular and controversial artist who is into dancehall music has added his voice in a way of bringing some calmness to the ongoing beef between and This artist is no other person but the famous .

Have a look at the three;

Samini, Shatta Wale and Sarkodie

He has called on Sarkodie to stop disrespecting Samini. It all started when Samini it known that he is not going to work with Sarkodie again and in response to that, Sarkodie on Hitz FM made it known that- “Him (Samini)  feeling like that, I don't have any control over that. I can only say sorry about how he feels, not necessarily because I agree with everything he is saying, but because that's how he feels,”

In line with the response, many Ghanaians feel he could have responded in a better way, among those calling for that is the famous Shatta Wale, he stated that Samini is the father to Sarkodie in the industry, and he paved the way for him to get the prominence he is enjoying and that there is no need to sound that way towards him.

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His words- “How can Samini and Sarkodie be fighting? Samini and Sarkodie shouldn't be fighting but ask yourself why? Right now Sarkodie feels like he has the people so he has forgotten about Samini. Hey Sarkodie, Samini be your father, forever and ever. Hey Sarkodie, Samini be your legend, icon, and superstar forever and ever. Forget everything, I have a beef with him but even with that, I give him respect. Forget yourself, nonsense!”

The famous artist sounded so displeased with the turnout of events as he made mentioned the time Samini was called during the interview– “He (Samini) is talking to you on the radio as your father…you see what fame can cause? You guys play with everything…Samini is the guy that when he is speaking on the radio, you have to shut up and listen because he has been on tforeignrkin journey. The road he (Samini) has cleared for some of us to enjoy mustn't be taken for granted. It is very nonsense and stupid something. It is not your fault but those 12 people in the music industry.”

There is a need to put a stop to all these. It only brings separation and nothing healthy.

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