Hennessy Artistry VS Class: Season VIII’s Victor Is PDSTRN!

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The 8th season of the Hennessy Artistry VS class has come to a triumphant close with PDSTRN as the victor of the VS Class 2022 after receiving over a thousand entries from all across the nation, live auditions in Owerri, Abuja, and Lagos, tough elimination processes, and intense rap battles.

Rapper, the singer, and composer PDSTRN (pronounced Pedestrian), born Bennett Obeya, is on the rise in the hip-hop and afrobeats scenes.

PDSTRN takes a special approach to his profession by incorporating sensitive subjects like addiction, grief, vulnerability, and raw emotions into his songs. He was born in Lagos, Nigeria, and raised in Toronto, Canada.

PDSTRN, a returning participant in the VS Class who embodies the “Never Stop, Never settle” attitude of Hennessy, began his trip to the class in the Lagos auditions, where he faced off against more than a thousand MCs from around the nation.

He won the title in an exciting final fight with Barelyanyhook after competing against fellow finalists Precious Dozi, Teddy, Fozter, Thello, Erena Blaq, Zez, and King Jahvid.

Both rappers had to dig deeper into their creative wells for the title match between PDSTRN and Barelyanyhook in the final round.

Given that both contestants put up a great final fight, it is clear that the judges had a difficult decision to make. PDSTRN’s joy at winning was almost too much to bear.

“I’m so elated… I am grateful for being in this position right now. Shout out to Hennessy, it’s so crazy what they are doing for the culture and I hope they continue to do it to the end of time, cos rappers out here need that”.


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