is a journalist at NBC.

Richard Engel and his wife Mary had two children Henry and Theodore.

They lost Henry earlier today leaving them in pieces and heartbroken.

Since his kid's initial Rett Syndrome diagnosis in 2017, Engel has been vocal about the condition of his son.

Engel provided a link to a blog article regarding Henry's life and Rett syndrome battle on the Texas Children's Hospital website.

Before joining NBC in May 2003, Engel worked as a freelance journalist in Baghdad for ABC News during the commencement of the 2003 Iraq war.

Engel is well-known for his reporting on the Iraq War, the Arab Spring, and the  Syrian Civil War.

He speaks and reads Arabic, as well as Italian and Spanish.

how did he die?

Henry had a son named Henry Thomas Engel.

Due to the rare genetic condition RETT syndrome, Richard Engel lost his six-year-old child.

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Even at age 6, the six-year-old was battling Rett syndrome.

Henry struggled and lived for six years despite the fact that the illness often killed male babies within a year or two of birth.

We send the journalist our sympathy today.

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