He’s Not The First Man To Cheat On His Wife – LilWin’s Wife Rubbishes ‘Evidence’

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Maame Serwaa, the wife of Kumawood actor LilWin, recently posted on social media, raising questions about the state of their marriage.

The American-born wife of the Kumawood actor had previously discussed the difficulties of working as a single mother on TikTok.

The post read, “Life in USA as a single mother taking care of three kids all by myself and working at the same time. May God bless my hustle.”

The post, particularly the section where she classified herself as a’single mother’, has since piqued the interest of netizens who have asked why she would refer to herself as such while she is known to be married.

Others have worried if she is attempting to mask serious marital troubles.

Lil Win and his wife

The actor’s wife had an unexpected answer to a netizen who claimed to have evidence to support the idea that LilWin’s adultery is causing their marriage to fall apart.

In a now-deleted post, the TikTok user threatened to expose all that is happening in her marriage and she responded, “Bring whatever you have, he is not the first person cheating on his wife.”

She also teased another netizen, who accused her of suffering the consequences of taking LilWin from his ex-wife and keeping his two children.


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