Hilarious Moment Woman Charged Newly-married Rapper, Mi Abaga To Say ‘amen’ While ‘Kabashing’ Against Side Chic Temptation [video]

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At rapper MI Abaga’s traditional wedding to Eniola Mafe, a Nigerian woman sparked funny reactions from the attendees.

On September 22, 2022, the pair got married, and family, friends, and coworkers were all there.

A woman prayed for the newlyweds during the reception, and she made sure MI responded “Amen.”

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He laughed as she prayed for him to be content with his wife and stop looking outside, but he did as she requested him to say Amen.

Everyone laughed as the woman said, “Any other woman’s bossom would be sour to the award-winning artiste.”

In other news, Brite Bensons, a musician, has called out content maker Carter Efe for allegedly stealing a tune.

This is the second time an artist has alleged that they are the rightful owner of a song.

The artist asserted that he purchased the music from Ceeza Milli with the intention of releasing it as soon as he was ready, but Carter Efe unexpectedly shared a sneak peek of the track on his Instagram account.

After learning that the song was also purchased by the content creator from Ceeza Milli, Brite accused the latter of stealing it.

Carter had stated that he will release his own version of the song on September 29; however, Brite chose to share his version earlier.

He then tasted each of them and observed that while the skit maker’s was merely a duplicated version, his was the genuine article.

The singer asked followers to compare and contrast his rendition with Carter Efe’s by watching a video of both.


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