Hobosexual relationship definition

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The term hobosexual was originally coined by the writer, Nakita Nicci.

She describes a hobosexual as a person “who dates you with the sole interest of having a place to stay and not of a genuine romantic interest.”

A Hobosexual relationship thus involves people who are serial daters that jump from home to home, just as quickly as they move from relationship to relationship.

In such a relationship, your partner would eat all your food, borrow money, have you always pay the bills and be manipulated emotionally while hanging in so comfortable without any form of contribution.

Your partner would hastily replace you with a new person if and when you get frustrated with the emotional and financial abuse.

If you doubt that this happens, the LA Times recently released a podcast named Dirty John.

The story unfolds with Debra Newell, a successful interior designer who falls for John Meehan.

The prime hobo-sexual, a handsome man who seems to check attentiveness, availability, and a person’s success, finds his way into Debra’s heart and home, with deadly results.

Hobo-sexual relationships could be extremely deadly.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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