How Armie Hammer Feels Amid ‘House of Hammer’ Trailer Release

is attempting to make significant alters, yet discovery+ dropping the trailer to its impending three-section House of Hammer docuseries just made it substantially more troublesome.

A source lets ET know that “life has certainly lowered” the beset entertainer. The source additionally said that “the trailer for House of Hammer dropping isn’t ideal in light of the fact that Armie has been attempting to make significant alters. Armie sought help and has invested a great deal of energy with Robert Downey Jr. furthermore, gained from him.”

Regardless of the difficult times – – from recovery and assault and battery allegations (which he’s fervently denied) to losing jobs in Hollywood – – the source said Hammer “has been centered around investing energy with his kids and Elizabeth and attempting to right his wrongs.” What’s more, the source says “the trailer dropping feels like an immense step back.” As for why, the source makes sense of, “It’s challenging for him to have this be broadcasted out again in the public eye verbosely since a relative of his is involved.”

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On the home front, Hammer and his alienated spouse, Elizabeth – – who split from the entertainer in July 2020 – – are as yet coparenting their two kids – – Harper, 7, and Ford, 5. That being said, the source said “it has been a battle for him to have this story about him reappear” via a docuseries. The source additionally said Hammer “has been returning and forward between L.A. also, the Cayman Islands.”

Armie Hammer House of Hammer
Revelation in addition to
On Wednesday, the trailer for House of Hammer dropped and it included film of exes who guarantee to have dated the shamed entertainer and drill down into their supposed relationship with him.

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Courtney Vucekovich is one of the two ladies highlighted, and that’s what she guarantees “everything was great” toward the beginning of her supposed sentiment with the entertainer, “however at that point things change” as he “pushes your limits a smidgen at a time.”

Julia Morrison concurs, as she shares a text she claims to have gotten from Hammer that peruses, “I have a dream about having somebody demonstrate their affection and commitment and tying them up in a public spot around evening time and making their body free use and checking whether they will f**k outsiders for me.”

The docuseries likewise plans to focus a light all in all Hammer family with the assistance of Casey Hammer, the Call Me By Your Name star’s auntie.

“Outwardly, we were an ideal family, however amplify Succession multiple times and it was my family,” she expresses, alluding to the HBO series about a useless media mogul family. “On the off chance that you accept about making manages Satan, the Hammers are top of the command hierarchy. Each age in my family has been associated with dim wrongdoings, and it simply deteriorates and more awful and more regrettable.”

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“I realize my granddad had a clouded side. I saw my dad’s clouded side direct. Furthermore, I’ve seen my sibling’s clouded side, it resembled a beast released. Presently it’s Armie Hammer,” she adds. “I’ve allowed the Hammers to control me my entire life. Now is the ideal time to stop. I won’t be quieted. I go by Casey Hammer, and I’m going to uncover the dull, contorted mysteries of the Hammer family.”

Each of the three pieces of House of Hammer will debut Friday, Sept. 2 on discovery+.


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