How Did Darcelle XV Die?

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Darcelle XV formed his alter ego Darcelle and came out as gay. Cole had a passion for performing and had previously worked at Portland Civic Theater. Denise Darcel, a French actress and singer, is honored with the appellation “Darcelle.”

Darcelle wore dazzling attire, jewelry, and fake eyelashes. Darcelle’s demeanor was described by Cole as having “sequins on the eyelids, lots of feathers, big hair, enormous diamonds, and lots of wisecracks.”

Actors at Darcelle XIV Showplace lip-synced to get around an Oregon regulation that forbade the use of more than one instrument during shows. After Neuhardt and another man performed a “ballet-like adagio,” the establishment was punished.

Darcelle participated in social events all throughout the city. He won the city’s Spirit of Portland Award in 2011 and served as grand marshal of the Starlight Parade at the Portland Rose Festival.

How Did Darcelle XV Die?

Darcelle XV Die of natural causes, no illness or cause was stated.


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