How Did Drayke Hardman Take His Life

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The story of Drayke Hardman is very sad and has been making a massive trend on social media. The little boy’s death has become a major topic that is bothering a lot of people on the internet.

The information available on the death of Drayke Hardman has it that, Drayke Hardman attempted suicide because he’s being bullied constantly. Although exactly what happened to her is still not clear. The allegation was made by his stressed father who lost his son.

Drayke Andrew Hardman as he is known as 12 years old little kid began trending on social media following his death which was announced on February, 7. The death of Drayke Hardman sparked a huge reaction which made his family feel a bit appreciated.

Drayke Hardman had a 16-year-old sister at the time of his death and was regarded as a happy kid and one full of energy in class. The evilness of bullying has ended his life sadly.

How Did Drayke Hardman Take His Life

As per the latest reports on many news portals, Drayke Hardman attempted suicide on Monday, February 7, 2022.

Some rumours circulating on social media claim investigations have already started and the bully perspective is thoroughly monitored in the case for justice to be served for the late Drayke Hardman.

Drayke Hardman’s father known as Andy Hardman who is Director at Rakuten spoke on the death of his son in a post on Facebook.

He wrote:

“There are amazing people still in this world and we’ve felt that love so much from so many of you. I’ve been wanting to share my feelings, but I’ve struggled to find the words. Now it’s my time to be a voice of my hero my only son who was taken from us.”

May his soul rest in perfect peace.


Source: Vimbuzz.com

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