How did Frank Lucas die?

Lucas was born and reared in rural North Carolina before moving to New York as a youngster and being involved in a variety of criminal activities. In the late 1960s, he ascended to the top of the New York drug industry. Lucas claimed that famed Harlem gambling kingpin Ellsworth “Bumpy” Johnson taught him.

Lucas built a direct route from the so-called Golden Triangle area of Southeast Asia to break the Mafia’s monopoly on heroin sales in Harlem.

Lucas could obtain significant quantities of heroin at a lower cost than if he bought it via Mafia sources.

In 1975, a raid on his Teaneck, New Jersey, home brought his to an end. Authorities discovered $584,000 in cash, as well as the keys to seven Cayman Islands safe deposit boxes, at the residence.

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Lucas was sentenced to seventy years in prison after being convicted of federal and state narcotics crimes.

He only spent five years because he became a state’s witness, assisting authorities in the prosecution of scores of other drug traffickers and corrupt cops.

How did die?

Frank Lucas, the arrogant New York drug lord whose life was dramatized in the blockbuster film American Gangster, died in Cedar Grove, New Jersey, on Thursday, May 30.

He was 88 years old when he died.

He died a natural death surrounded by his family.

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