How did MGM hack happen?

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On the 10th of September, MGM became aware of the data breach deemed to be a hack that affected casino and hotel computer systems across its Bellagio, Aria, and MGM Grand locations which included the company’s corporate email, restaurant reservation, hotel booking, and digital key card access.

Although the company announced on X, on Thursday that operations had returned to default and working fine, however, several users still complained of issues with its mobile app. MGM then announced that it was still working on fixing “those channels.”

Caesars Entertainment, a rival casino owner, also revealed to federal regulators that it was hit by a hack by cyber criminals on September 7.

It said its casino and online operations weren’t tempered with, but it could not guarantee the personal information about tens of millions of customers which includes Social Security numbers of loyalty-rewards members, and driver’s licenses had not been tampered with.

How did the MGM hack happen?

The hackers have disclosed to vx-underground that they used social engineering as an initial entry point.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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