How did Tim Cook become CEO of Apple?

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Cook claims that after meeting Steve Jobs for the interview, he knew right away that he wanted to work for the organization and, more specifically, that he wanted to help save Apple.

When he returned in 1996, Steve Jobs had already started the turnaround of Apple. Famously, the iMac started the company’s ascent back from the verge of bankruptcy. The work of Jony Ive and the Design Team needed to be seen, but Cook’s relatively under-the-radar role was just as significant. Despite not being perceived as a “product person” preoccupied with design issues, this still happened.

Additionally, it would have been unpopular because Cook made the decision for Apple to close its factories and warehouses. Instead, Apple started the same carefully monitored production that it still uses today by outsourcing manufacturing. Cook reduced the number of months that Apple’s computers spent in warehouses before being sold to just a few days.

How did Tim Cook become CEO of Apple?

Cook managed the business while Jobs continued to make decisions for it. On Cook’s recommendation and just before Jobs passed away in 2011, the company officially named him CEO.

He has now served in the role of Apple CEO for almost ten years, making him the company’s seventh CEO. As CEO, John Scully served for ten years, and Steve Jobs served for fourteen. It’s still true that Jobs had the most obviously successful legacy while Sculley ultimately had the worst impact on Apple. But during Cook’s administration, the CEO position changed more than ever.

He took the time to bring on board some important individuals, including Angela Ahrendts, who oversaw Apple retail for five years. He is also said to be quick to cut people when necessary.

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