“How I was raped by my uncle at 15 and got pregnant” Toyin Lawani recounts traumatising experience (Video)

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Celebrity stylist and fashion designer Toyin Lawani has opened up about being a rape victim. The mother of three, who had a heart-to-heart interview with Chude Jideonwo, opened up about being raped at 15.


Toyin Lawani stated that she hadn’t told anyone about her rape incident; even her husband didn’t know what happened. Toyin Lawani disclosed that a family member, her uncle raped her, and she got pregnant from it. In her touching story, she revealed that she had to go for an abortion because she was still young.


Her aunt suggested it and took her to a doctor in Ibadan, who took out the foetus. Toyin Lawani further revealed that her mother was devastated when she got hold of it. Toyin stated that this incident made her very strict with her kids. The wife of Segun Wealth added that she hated her mum for her busy schedule; however, being a mum herself, she understands better why her mum was making many sacrifices for them. Chude said: Why did you leave home at 14?


She said, “No 16, I never told anybody this before, I don’t think I have told my husband. At 15, I got raped by someone in my neighbourhood, I told my husband about the rape before, it was one of my uncles. I couldn’t tell my mum, it was so bad for me when somebody bullies you to the extent that you can’t talk. It was so bad. I opened up to one of my aunties, she is late now, aunty Bola, and she took me to Ibadan they tried to get rid of the pregnancy. It was at the same time I had to go get my admission to Uni and my mum, my mum is late – my dad is late, so don’t want to break down, so I can’t talk about it. They had to take me to a hospital in Ibadan, the pregnancy was about 5 months cause I didn’t tell anyone and it was so hard for me.


Speaking about her late mum’s reaction, she said, “I went to get my admission and I fainted at the premises. The doctor opened up to her that I was pregnant and they had to take it out. She couldn’t take it because I was so young and I didn’t tell her all this because the person was close.

Toyin Lawani reveals she was raped

That’s why I am very strict with my kids. I felt I had lost my innocence to someone in the same house as us. My mum was always working. I hated my mum so much because she wasn’t there until now that I had to do the same responsibly for my kids. It traumatized me”.


In similar news, Ghanaian actress Juliet Ibrahim narrated her rape experience at the hands of an ex-lover. Juliet Ibrahim made this shocking revelation during an interview with media personality Chude Jideonwo. The beautiful actress recounted how her ex would often force his way on her and lock her in for days. Though not disclosing his identity, Juliet Ibrahim revealed she had to fight her way out of the relationship.


She said, “I told him what he did was raped and he said but we were in a relationship. But was I ready that was the question, did I say I was in the mood? I kept saying no, stop it, stop it, you pin me down and you’re doing whatever you wanted to do and you’re smiling saying don’t worry. And you’re kissing whilst I am crying, that means you’re a rapist and I had to leave that relationship. I fought my way out of that relationship because he even locked me up in his house for days until my sister Sonia came to find me. I was scared, uncertain of what to do because this guy was huge and taller than me he can raise you above the wall. And just imagine that it was every day. You’re naive. Who do you go and tell? Who would come and fight for you? But ladies you can report it now, go and report. If your husband is forcing you to do when you’re not in the mood it is rape and I tell these men that you cannot force a woman,”


Speaking about her failed marriage, she revealed that her ex-husband always maltreated her and cheated on her. Read more here. He had rented an apartment for his mistress and had also impregnated her.

She disclosed how her siblings always found him amid girls frolicking around.


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