How is Natasha Thahane related to Desmond Tutu?

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A lot of people are asking that How is Natasha Thahane related to Desmond Tutu?. Consider your answers given accurately in this piece.

First of all, know that the full name of Natasha Thahane is ‘Natasha Tutu Thahane’. She is the daughter of Trevor Thamsanqa Tutu and Nomaswazi Mamakoko.

Natasha Thanahe’s father’s father is Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Thus, Desmond Tutu is Natasha Thanahe’s grandfather. So this is how she is related to Desmond Tutu.

Natasha said in her interview with MacG that she stayed with Desmond Tutu for 2 years and that was where she absorbed most of her wisdom as a young woman.

She also added that she got to meet Nelson Mandela.

Who is Desmond Tutu?

He is a South African Anglican cleric and theologian, well known for his work as an anti-apartheid and human rights activist.

From 1985 to 1986, he was the Bishop of Johannesburg. He was also the then Archbishop of Cape Town from 1986 to 1996. Desmond Tutu has the record of being the first black African to hold that position.

Theologically, he’s well known to have the value of fusing ideas from black theology to African Theology.

This alone should tell you that actress Natasha Thahane is from a Christian Background.

Natasha Thahane trolled after Desmond Tutu’s death

Speaking on MacG’s interview a few months ago, Natasha revealed that she benefited from a 1Million Rand scholarship from SA Government to pursue her tertiary education in America. This was given to her because of the fact that her grandfather was highly positioned in Government.

After his death, fans are asking her to refund the money. She is being trolled on Twitter.

How Natasha Thahane reacted to Desmond Tutu’s death

Natasha is heartbroken by her grandfather’s death. She hasn’t make a tweet or said anything. Perhaps, she doesn’t want any more trolling from her crtics.

However, she posted a video on Instagram of a funeral dirge. She blocked the comments so that no negative comments can be sent to her. The song is an emotional one. It is clear she is so heartbroken!


In related issues, Demond Tutu has been buried in the cheapest coffin available as per his request. He also chose to be buried using the process of aquamation.


The relationship between Natasha Thahane and Desmond Tutu is a grand-father-grand-daughter relationship. That is how they are related.

Hope that solves your question?

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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