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How Kendall Jenner Reacted To Losing A ‘Vogue’ Cover To Sister Kim Kardashian

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Kendall Jenner will continuously place her family above demonstrating. On the most recent episode of The Kardashians, Kris Jenner uncovered that Vogue chose to offer Kim Kardashian the March 2022 cover after at first thinking about Kendall for the gig.


In a confession booth, Kim spouted over the open door, saying, “This one simply feels additional exceptional to me. I’m so respected to be a piece of it,” prior to owning up to her mother that the entire thing was pretty “mixed.”

“I feel so terrible,” Kim told Kris of the Kendall circumstance. In a confession booth, however, Kim conceded that her more youthful self would’ve been definitely less worried about her sister’s sentiments than her present-day self.


“I likely would’ve killed Kendall myself to get the cover on the off chance that it was a choice among us,” Kim told the makers of how she would’ve responded to the circumstance quite a while back. “My distress once upon a time, she would’ve been covered before she got this cover.”


Despite the fact that her compassion was solid for her sister, Kim declined to be the one to tell Kendall the news. That’s what kris expected, as her little girl’s chief, that occupation would tumble to her. At the point when she plunked down to let the cat out of the bag, however, Kendall uncovered that her representative had previously let the cat out of the bag.


“I feel such a lot of good,” Kris admitted. “You can’t really understand. I was fearing that. I didn’t believe that it should put you in a horrible mood.”

“Wow, no… I’m glad to surrender it to my sister,” Kendall said, prior to developing her sentiments in a confession booth.


“I’m glad for my sister and she ought to be truly cheerful,” Kendall said. “There’s not a steamed bone in my body, since I think it went to the perfect individual.”

Kris commended her girl in her very own confession booth, referring to Kendall as “the best individual.”

With Vogue off the table for Kendall, Kris directed her concentration toward getting her 26-year-old girl to think about another possibility: having a child.


“Perhaps now is the ideal time to have a child,” Kris told Kendall, making the model stifle her beverage.

“It’s my life, OK? I couldn’t say whether I’m prepared at this point,” Kendall told her mother, prior to making sense of it in a confession booth, “I actually have a great deal I want to sort out before I can invite a youngster into my life. I’m still getting a charge out of life all alone and I’m OK with that at this moment.”


Kris didn’t let it go, however, rather venturing to such an extreme as to call a specialist to affirm that freezing eggs at a more youthful age allows them a superior opportunity for endurance.

“You’re making me self-conscious,” Kendall told her mother with a giggle.

While Kendall denied her mother more grandkids, for the present, Kim was working diligently on her Vogue shoot, which had a significant contrast from the last twice she’d graced the mag.


“It seems like I’ve made considerable progress from not being that straightforward about what I like and needed to having full control, full say,” she said. “… Nothing, before I feel like I would wear, was truly me, this is me… It seems like such a development, doing this Vogue shoot over some other Vogue shoot.”

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