How Long Is Tim Cook CEO Of Apple?

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Timothy Donald Cook (born November 1, 1960), an American engineer and business executive, has been the CEO of Apple Inc. since 2011. Cook previously served as the company’s chief operating officer under co-founder Steve Jobs.

In March 1998, when he joined Apple, Cook was named senior vice president of global operations. Cook was subsequently promoted to executive vice president of global sales and operations. Prior to Jobs’ death in October of that year, he was appointed CEO on August 24, 2011.

During his tenure as the company’s chief executive, he has fought for the political reformation of domestic and international surveillance, cybersecurity, American manufacturing, and environmental protection. Cook doubled Apple’s revenue and profit between 2011 when he assumed control and 2020 when the company’s market capitalization increased from $348 billion to $1.9 trillion.

How Long Is Tim Cook CEO Of Apple?

Tim Cook has been the CEO of Apple for 11 years. Tim Cook has served as Apple’s official CEO since Steve Jobs’ death in 2011. Since joining Apple in 1998, he has been instrumental in the company’s rise from near-bankruptcy to its current status as one of the world’s largest corporations. Prior to 1998, he oversaw the company during Steve Jobs’ health absences.

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