How many buildings were destroyed in Maui?

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The Maui wildfires are currently the state’s deadliest natural disaster. County officials announced Friday night that at least 80 people had died, and many more were still missing.

As of Saturday morning, the fires were still raging, and firefighters were still battling overnight flare-ups. Gov. Josh Green issued a warning that while search and rescue efforts go on, the dead toll is expected to increase.

According to Shane Dudoit, the deputy director of parks and recreation for Maui County, “This is going to go down in history as one of the worst disasters ever in Hawaii, we’ve lost so much.” Two cadaver dogs were brought by a search and rescue team from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, according to reports on Friday.

How many buildings were destroyed in Maui?

There are now continuing evacuations and assessments of the damage on Maui.

A fire damage estimate that was provided on Saturday by the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Pacific Disaster Center indicates that 2,207 structures have been damaged or destroyed and 2,170 acres of land have burnt.


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