How Many Overs In Test Cricket?

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A kind of first-class cricket known as test cricket is played between teams representing full members of the International Cricket Council at the international level (ICC).

A game is supposed to last up to five days and consists of four innings (two for each team). Timeless Tests were Test matches that had no time limit in the past. In 1861–1862, the phrase “test match” was first used, but in a different context.

Even though Test cricket did not get official recognition until the 1890s, numerous international games played after 1877 have been given Test status retroactively.

The first such game was played at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) in March 1877 between the visiting English pros James Lillywhite’s XI and the sides known at the time as a Combined Australian XI. Test matches were initially used to refer to games between Australia and England in 1892.

How Many Overs In Test Cricket?

A test cricket match consists of 450 overs (90 x 5), where the person who bats first in the morning on a fresh pitch and the person who bats last on a worn-out pitch both require special care.

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