How Many People Did Mackenzie Shirilla Kill?

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The case of Mackenzie Shirilla will go down in history. Shirilla’s boyfriend Dominic Russo’s sentence and that of her friend Davion Flanagan will be served consecutively.

Shirilla apologized to the relatives of the victims while addressing the court in a sad speech and expressing her sincere regret.

Russo was referred to as her soulmate. However, the victim’s brother, Angelo Russo, said Shirilla was responsible for his brother’s death and accused her of cold-blooded murder.

When the accident happened in July 2022, Shirilla was just 17 years old.

Judge Margaret Russo of Cuyahoga County characterized her choice as “selfish, deliberate, and cruel.”

Russo underlined throughout the sentencing that Shirilla was completely to blame for the suffering endured by the victims’ families.

The judge opted against handing down consecutive sentences for the victims’ deaths.

How Many People Did Mackenzie Shirilla Kill?

She killed 2 people in the crash. They were Shirilla’s boyfriend, Dominic Russo, and 19-year-old Davion Flanagan.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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