How Many People Have You Sacrificed For Islam This Year – Seun Kuti Asks

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Celebrated Nigerian saxophonist, Oluseun Anikulapo Kuti, commonly known as Seun Kuti has taken to social media to drag Muslims who go about saying that Islam is a religion of peace but however turn around to murder people in the name of the same religion they claim to be peaceful.


This comes after the death of Deborah, the level 200 student who was lynched in Sokoto, Nigeria for allegedly speaking against the Muslim prophet.


Sharing his take on the issue which has since caused a stir among Nigerians, Seun Kuti argued that the only time Islam will be a religion of peace is when everybody on this planet converts to worship with them.

He added that all over the world, Islamic believers have no iota of peacefulness in them when it comes to dealing with other people with different beliefs.


“Let me repeat to you here, Islam is a religion of peace only if everyone is a Muslim. Islam anywhere in the world isn’t peaceful with unbelievers”.


Captioning his post, Seun Kuti jabbed the so-called Muslims for not fighting for their religion while terrorist groups like the dreadful Boko Haram and other bandits continue to kill their family members but resort to killing an innocent girl to prove they love and cherish their religion.

He argued that the brutal killing of the student is similar to blood sacrifice, a traditional ritual that is frowned upon by the same religion that is taking the lives of others for not sharing the same faith.


“But when Boko Haram and Bandits are killing your mothers and sisters, you aren’t there to fight them and protect your family but Deborah is how you show Allah your strength.

This kind of ritual killing isn’t called blood sacrifice, why? You all claim to hate the African religion because of human sacrifice but how many people have been sacrificed for Islam this year alone in this country? Una never ready!!”, he wrote.



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