How Many Times Has Daniel Jones Thrown 300 Yards?

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American football quarterback Daniel Stephen Jones plays for the National Football League’s New York Giants (NFL). In the 2019 NFL Draft, the Giants selected him as the sixth overall pick after playing college football for Duke. He passed for 6,997 yards and 98 touchdowns while a high school student.

Jones passed for 334 yards, a touchdown, and an interception in Week 16’s 27-24 loss to the Minnesota Vikings. Jones helped the New York Giants claim a postseason spot for the first time since 2016 the next week against the Indianapolis Colts, throwing for 177 yards and two touchdowns and rushing for 91 yards and two more. The Giants won 38-10.

Jones created NFL history by becoming the first player to ever have 300+ throwing yards, 2+ touchdown passes, and 70+ rushing yards in a playoff game after defeating the Minnesota Vikings in the Wild Card playoff game.

How Many Times Has Daniel Jones Thrown 300 Yards?

In six games, Daniel Jones threw for 300 yards or more.


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